Angler's Passport Program To Wrap Up!

UPDATED      11-11-21 Verification Deadline is 12-1-21

GREAT NEWS! Due to the Covid 19 Virus & ever changing circumstances beyond our control, the Angler’s Passport Program has been extended to December 1, 2021. The Awards ceremony/Prize distribution date in December 2021 has not yet been decided, we will announce the date when it is decided. Also due to Covid 19 Virus we have had to eliminate SWWA Members attending Events & Meetings to verify “catches/events”.

Verifications must be emailed to:

PLEASE include the Angler’s Passport #, first & last name & species name/event type. 

The Angler’s Passport fishing program rewards responsible fishing, conservation of our natural environment, receiving education on sustainability, ecology and water safety and fishing and community volunteerism to support these causes.

How does the Angler’s Passport Program work?

     1. Purchase an Angler’s Passport Online via this website.

     2. To register an Angler’s Passport please click on the “REGISTER YOUR Angler’s Passport” link, enter the information requested & click send. You will receive an e-mail confirming your Angler’s Passport has been registered. When you purchase one online it is automatically registered to the purchaser, if it is a gift just let us know. 

Your Passport must be registered to be eligible to win prizes!

      3. Catch the different fish species in the Angler’s Passport book, do Conservation, Education or Volunteer activities.

We are aware “Events” may be canceled etc, you can go to any lake or river, clean up the area and take a photo of yourself & trash you cleaned up, make sure the water is in the background and email the photo to the email address provided below, they will count for Conservation, Volunteering & Learning. So get out there there are 22 sticker opportunities just for cleaning up our waterways! 

      4. Take a picture of you with your fish or at an activity. Examples of how to take your picture can be found on this site under Angler’s Passport.

      5.E-mail your picture to: & include your Passport #, Name & Species/Event type. We will Email you confirmation your Species/Event is Verified & to go ahead to apply sticker on the 0 just below Species/Event. Your Verification will be recorded for our records.

If you did not receive Angler’s Passport Stickers at time of purchase or need more, please send us an email including Angler’s Passport #, requesting Angler’s Passport Stickers to: and we will mail them to you.

      6. Prizes will be awarded in December 2021 at the Angler’s Passport Awards. Date & location has yet to be determined. We will update website when decided.

There will be 10 divisions, 5 adult and 5 youth.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place in each division:

  1. Youth “most fish caught”
  2. Youth “most Conservation activities”
  3. Youth “most Educational activities”
  4. Youth “most Volunteer activities”
  5. Youth Grand Prize “most Stickers total”
  6. Adult “most fish caught”
  7. Adult “most Conservation activities”
  8. Adult “most Educational activities”
  9. Adult “most Volunteer activities”
  10. Adult Grand Prize “most Stickers total”

Find out how to fish, what tackle to use and where to go in S.W. Washington to catch the 24 different species by clicking on the “Angler’s Passport Button”. There is no limitation on where you can catch the 24 species of fish, do conversation, education or volunteer activities.



How You Can Help Southwest Washington Anglers

(Whether you’re a member or not)


There are three ways you can help Southwest Washington Anglers:

  1. Go to and register your Amazon account to support Southwest Washington Anglers. It only takes about 2 minutes and it will neither effect your Amazon buying nor will it cost you even one penny.

Amazon will then donate a % of your purchase price each time buy something off Amazon because we are a registered 501c3 Non-profit organization. REMEMBER: When you log onto Amazon please log on to This will not change any of your buying ability or amazon prime or your costs whatsoever!!!

  1. Register your Fred Meyer Rewards card in much the same way as registering your Amazon Account.

To Use the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program:
SWWA would like to encourage you to visit

Once logged into your Fred Meyer account you can search for Southwest Washington Anglers either by name or IU141 and then click Enroll. 

New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.


  1. You may simply donate to Southwest Washington Anglers by mailing a check to Southwest Washington Anglers, P.O. Box 822183 Vancouver, WA
  2. We will mail you back a tax-deductible receipt as SWWA is a 501c3

Non-profit organization and all donations are in fact tax deductible.  Please include a physical address or P.O. Box that we may mail to.